I want to renew my membership

Please complete all 3 steps in order in the one session as your membership will need to be deleted & rejected if anything is outstanding. We will notify you by email if this is the case.

  1. Log into your Members Area account (link below) and go to 'Memberships' and drop down the menu to 'Renewals, Payments & Transfers' for individuals or 'Family'. if you want to renew yourself and other family members at once. If you do not have a Family Group, create your Family Group in the 'Family' tab. (You only need to do this once and having a Family Group allows you to renew and pay for all family members at once). If you do not create a Family Group, you will need to log into the Members Account individually for each member.

  2. Renew each family group member by ticking all the boxes and then Submit.

  3. Make immediate payment for all family group members - please list all members by clicking "add another transaction" in the payment screen.

  4. Click here: Members Area

If you have any difficulties with creating your account, renewing membership or payment please contact the Helpdesk on 1300 724 006 (Mon-Fri - 8am-6pm Sat - 9am-1pm).

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