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Senior registrations for 2023/24 are OPEN.
Nipper registrations for 2023/24 are CLOSED.
Cut-off date for registrations is 5th October.
Registrations after this date will be at the club's discretion, and late fees will apply. Refer to Nippers Information for more details.
Beach Pups registrations for 2023/24 are currently OPEN.
Beach Pups starts November 12th. Registrations open through to December. Please refer to Latest News for further instruction

Please check if any of the Notices below apply to you, then proceed further below for Existing Members (Renewing) or New Members (Joining)

Please note that all aspects of registration, including identification (new members only) and payment, must be received for your application to be accepted.

For more information on Nippers and Beach Pups, please refer to the Nippers Information page on the website.

We appreciate your support in completing all of your family's memberships at one time.

Registration headaches ??
If these are applicable to you, please take the time to read them first. It will save you time and frustration, and help the Registrars immensely !!
It doesn't matter how long ago you were a member of that club, we need to get your records Transferred.

Login to the members portal to initiate a transfer

If you previously had a Family Group in the members portal, go to the Family Group View/Edit and look for the "Join/Transfer to new club" button.

If you are just transferring yourself, then login to the members portal, go to Memberships->Renew,Pay,Transfer, and click the link to "Join/Transfer".

If that's really not working out for you, contact the registrations team, and tell us where you are stuck.

It is compulsory to have one Parent register with their child(ren).

In 'New Members' Step 1 below, upload Identification documents for yourself and your child(ren)

When you then progress to the SLS join application form, please ensure you select My Family, and NOT 'An Individual'. A lot of people are making that mistake !

The rest of the process should be straightforward. ... Please complete the registration AND pay your fees.

- Upload your child's ID document. See 'New Members' Step 1 on this page below. Do not proceed to Step 2.
- Login to the Members Portal as yourself, View/Edit your Family Group, and look for the button Join New Person & Add. Add your child.
- Still in the Members Portal, renew your existing Family Group.

Why can't I renew first ?
Sure, join+renew or renew+join, either way. Please ensure you complete both actions though. We cannot accept a registration for a child without a registered parent.

But I want to use the Family Group membership option to pay for all the family ?
That's fine, use the Family Group membership option during your family renewal.
When you add the new Child, complete the application form but DO NOT proceed to payment.
The Registrars will pick this up, and will know.

To Confirm ...
- You are already 'in the system' from having previously registered as a Beach Pup parent.
- But you have no 'Family Group' set up yet because there is no-one else in your family to select to put in the Family Group.
Correct ? Read on ...

- Go to the Members Portal and renew yourself.
- Follow the 'New Member' process to join your child.
- Go back into the Members Portal as yourself. Under Memberships menu, Select Family, then Create Family Group, Add your child, and create the Family Group

Why can't I join my child first ?
Registrars cannot accept a Membership application for a child without a registered parent. So, get yourself registered first, then Add your child.
The Members Portal does not allow you to do both a renewal and a join at the same time.
The Members Portal does not allow you to create a Family Group without someone else to put in that group, and they have to be joined/registered themselves.

I have multiple children/family members to add ?
Once you have created the Family Group as above, you can then 'Edit' your Family and there is a button in there to Join New Person & Add
You will still need to provide identification for any/all new members though - 'New Member' process Step 1 only.

Why is it so hard ?
Great question !! We ask ourselves that too.

SLSNSW have advised that Active Kids Vouchers (AKV) are only eligible to be used against the individual child's membership fees.
The system does not support the claiming of AKV against the all-inclusive Family Group Membership price.
The Family Group renewal option in the system now states '- cannot be used with AKV'

Can I use AKV at all ?
Yes you can. Instead of the selecting the Family Group renewal option, select each individual's membership renewal category instead.
The children will then display prompts that allow you to use AKV for them only.

But I can't claim the full amount ?
That's right. You can only claim the amount of the child's fees.
Any remaining 'credit' cannot be used to offset anyone else's fees.
Any remaining 'credit' is forfeited back to the government.
If your children have other summer activities/pursuits where you can claim the full amount of AKV, then that is completely your decision to use them there instead.
Please understand that this is a directive of SLSNSW and the Active Kids program's Terms and Conditions, it has nothing to do with our club.

Can't remember your username or password to the Members Portal ?
As long as you know and have access to, the Email or Mobile number that is on your membership record, then you can use the forgot password on the members portal login.

But I'm not sure what Email or Mobile is on my membership record ?
Or I need to get the Email or Mobile number updated first ?
Contact the SLS helpdesk first for an account reset. We may also be able to help you, although our access is limited. Contact us

Are you renewing for Nippers ?    Please check if any of the above Notices are applicable to your situation. Follow as instructed, otherwise proceed with your renewal.

Move onto the Members Portal to renew:

Ensure fees are paid for all members at the time of renewing.

Are you joining Nippers ? Please first check if any of the above Notices are applicable to your situation. Follow as instructed, otherwise proceed with your join application.

It is a requirement to witness Identification for ALL new members ...
Identification must show full name and date of birth. eg adult's driver licence or child’s birth certificate
Your identification documents will be deleted following completion of your registration.

Upload identification for ALL registering family members here ...

Step 1:
Attach identification Drivers License, Birth Certifcate, etc
Has all identification been provided ? ....

Step 2:
Join [instructions will display once Step 1 is completed...]

If you have any issues with the online renewing or joining process, please contact the SLSA Helpdesk

For any general registration / club enquiries, please contact the club

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